Tim Ferriss, the Catalyst – The 4-Hour Chef

November 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Three years ago Christmas time, I purchased Tim Ferriss‘s The 4-Hour Work Week, and I started my business Bottomline Concepts within 2 months; two years ago Christmas time, I purchased Tim’s The 4-Hour Body, and I started Slow-Carb Diet (and then Primal and then Paleo), CrossFit, and became a certified personal trainer. This year the same time again, I just received Tim’s The 4-Hour Chef.  I don’t know what’s going to happen after I read this book.  Something dramatic, refreshing, and constructive is in the air.  I can smell it.

The Perfect Couple

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Another Look I Love

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#7 The Look I Love

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The perfect colors and the perfect fit.

#6 Love is a Strange Thing

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Love for Arts

1) Love is often found when you’re least looking for it

2) Love comes in many shades, especially the shades in the most unexpected spectrum

3) Love makes everything else fade into the background

4) Love sharpens your senses

5) Love makes eyes spark and laughter heavenly

6) Love makes the hardships bearable, happiness double and triple…

7) Love turns the most subdued wild

8) Who lives sees and feels but who loves sees and feels more and deeper

9) Love is where heaven is and is a place on earth with the person you love

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10) Love produces chemicals that makes people better, more beautiful and lovely

11) Love can be the most effective and natural weight loss formula

12) Love provides a different mindset: generous, loving, forgiving, even sacrificing

13) Love is the only feeling that is worthy the word: romantic

14) Love is always willing to take a chance: let’s move to Africa – just to be with you

15) Love changes the way we see the world: Life is good!

16) Love gives you confidence: fuck what they think

17) Is love an implicit social contract?

18) Can love be a common practice between any two humans?

19) Love makes people brave, protective, honorable, anxious, jealous, even selfish sometimes

20) “Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality.”  But I really hope that Charles Bukowski is 1000% wrong.

I know how I feel, and you know how you feel, but how would I know if you know how I feel?

What do you think about when you think about love?

#5 Birth of Light Field Cameras — But I Just Bought a Canon EOS 7D Last Week!

March 4, 2012 Comments Off on #5 Birth of Light Field Cameras — But I Just Bought a Canon EOS 7D Last Week!

When I started reading the product review on Light Field Cameras on photobotos.com this morning, my heart sank – I just purchased a Canon EOS 7D last week.  Before I get my hands on my new camera, it’s already a piece of junk!  I won’t even get it until next Wednesday.

– Point & Shoot.  No skills needed.  A beginner is the same as a veteran, as long as you catch the right moment and the right frame.

– As fast as light.  Zero lag time.

– No flash needed.

– 3D.

– No expensive accessories (lens) needed.

As I approach the end of the article about the Cons, I felt slightly better.  Maybe I shouldn’t throw my upcoming Canon EOS 7D directly in the trash bin next week.  However, is there any reason to learn the old technology when the breakthrough technology is already in the horizon?  I got the same feeling in my stomach when my brand new car was dented.  Well, the best wave is always out there.

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#4 A good massage therapist is hard to find

February 20, 2012 § 3 Comments

In the past 20 years I have been to many massage therapists; I have found only one whom I would recommend and whom I have been going to for the past 2 years.  I re-realized this fact again after I was involuntarily cornered into a situation without alternatives.

After I quit at a regular  gym and went CrossFit, the gym continued charged two more months of membership fee.  After I called, it gave me two options (in fact, it’s only one): one is to come back to continue my membership; two is to come back for a massage.  Of course, I opted for a massage.  I have one sentence to describe my experience: I did not enjoy even one stroke from this therapist.  I felt more irritated than ever after 10 minutes into the session.  It lasted for 90 minutes and I had to pay an additional $20 to make up the difference between her fee and my two months membership fee.

I’m a physically and mentally active person and I enjoy a good massage as a stress reducer.  Massage therapy is expensive;  When I am willing to pay $70/hr, the least I expect is to feel more relaxed and refreshed than the condition when I come in.  But this is not often the case with the majority of the therapists, mainly because the deep tissue message they offer never deep enough for me, speaking from my 20 years experience in search of a good therapist.  Eventually I ruled out all female therapists – they are simply not physically strong enough to provide this type of service.  Luckily, 2 years ago I found Zac, a Thai Yoga Massage therapist .  I wish he would never change his career as long as I’m around (selfish wishful thinking on my part).  I realized how precious Zac was when I was getting my aforementioned 90 minutes session.

I do understand that deep tissue massages require enormous energy from the therapists.  I always feel slightly guilty deep down regardless the payments.  I believe long term massage therapy can cause permanent harm on the therapists.  It’s simply too physically consuming.  I myself am used to give massages to loves one and friends.  I absolutely understand how much it takes to provide a good massage.

Have you had good luck with finding a good massage therapist?  How do you feel about massage therapy? Is it inhuman to pay for this kind of pleasure?


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