#1 Should I Buy A Semi-Professional Camera?

February 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have been trying to find excuses to buy a more expensive camera for a while (a few months).  In the past few years, I went through a couple of Canon point-and-shoot cameras (a couple of hundred dollars each), and then after I got my first Android cell phone and then the iPhone, I feel it’s more convenient to use a phone as the camera.  In addition, the quality of the pictures using a cell phone is about the same as a point-and-shoot camera.

However, whenever I look at the pictures I took with a cell phone on a big screen, the quality deteriorates.  Disappointing.  I started thinking to find a better camera.   I asked around friends and colleges try to get a basic idea in terms of quality and price.

Things came to focus when I met two semi-professional photographers during a cross-box CrossFit competition.  Both of them used Canon EOS 7D.  They couldn’t stop raving about this model.  Holly is the director of Public Relations of a Bio-Tech organization, and had seen and used professional cameras.  Keith is a tech writer and had had his experience with good cameras.  Their recommendations are quite creditable.

The next question is if I spend $2,000 on a camera, how often would I use it to make the investment worthwhile?

I took most of my pictures on my travels, occasionally elsewhere, such as  at home, on the way to work or off work, or on my walks.  Would I carry this camera on my oversea trips? I’m not a vacationer, I’m an adventurous traveler.  I have to pack light.  I like everything in my luggage to be light and small in size.  This Canon EOS 7D is either to my standard of pack-ability.

Straddling on the fence, I started looking around for a good deal anyway, just to see what’s available out there.  First I searched amazon.com and got a basic idea on the price of the camera body for Canon EOS 7D.  and then I came to a realization that I don’t know enough to select the accessories I need.  By picking on Holly’s brain, I learned that I would be better off to buy from an online camera specialty store – either the store can hand pick a kit for you based on your need or buy a readily available kit, which sounds like a very intelligent idea.  Holly recommended Ryther Camera, which was where she bought hers.

I conducted some independent research on online camera stores and concluded that GetItDigital has a better deal with an accessory kit pre-assembled.

Only two steps remain for me to get my hands on Canon EOS 7D:

1) select the accessory kit that is suitable for me, and

2) pay for it.

I’m still straddling on the fence but more toward the buying side.

Update: I bought Canon EOS 7D! from Ryther Camera.  I will do a separate post on my buying experience.


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