#2 What you talk about when you talk about Denver?

February 17, 2012 Comments Off on #2 What you talk about when you talk about Denver?

Went to Denver for a three-day weekend in February.  Snowed heavily a few days before but I’m not a skier.  The temp was around 10.  The surprising fact to me was Denverians were not used to driving in the snow.  Lots of locals who under normal circumstances would drive stopped driving.  They competed for cabs with travelers.  We would stand in the cold for an hour at a time waiting for a cab.

The first thing that impressed me is Denverians are easy to smile and easy to make eye contact.   This is definitely a sign of civilization!  That is what refined and good people do.  I dare assume they are more honest and optimistic people than those of most of the places I have been to.  Kudos to Denerians!
Food is such a vital, and annoying at times, topic when we are on the road because we have to hunt and gather for every meal.  Denver is not in shortage of any kind of food.  We tried Thai, French, Brazilian, and all American.  I enjoyed them all.  Particularly, I swallowed 3 servings of the thick crispy bacon at 20th St. Cafe; I loved the taste and fresh salad buffet at Fogo de Chao; and I enjoyed the French Onion Soup and Duck Confit Hash at Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar.
Regardless of the cold weather and the endlessly waiting of the cabs, I enjoyed Denver!


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