#3 Walk The Way of St. James in June

February 19, 2012 Comments Off on #3 Walk The Way of St. James in June

Inspired by Julien Smith, I’m going to Northern Spain in June to walk The Way of St. James.  However, because of my work schedule I can’t walk the whole French Way; I will start from Leon.  I’ll finished the rest of it some other time in the near future.

I already bought the tickets for the flights to and from Madrid with a 3 weeks interval.  The next question is:  What Should I take with me?

Have been doing some research on the topic; I want to be basically prepared.  Learned from past experience, one can never be fully prepared for a trip.  The best prepared trip always turned out to be the most unexpected: I’m thinking about my Peru adventure.  I thought I already knew everything I needed to know before I embarked on it.  The conclusion is that I didn’t have enough warm clothes for the Camp Out on the way to Machu Picchu, didn’t expect that local people would pickpocket my smart phone, and didn’t know I had to ride a horse for 3 hours each way as transportation.  I bought wool long underwear (one pair of bottom and two sets of tops) from SmartWool especially for this trip, and I literally shivered from the beginning to the end of the trip.

I know my priorities.  If I get everything else wrong, I should have a pair of good walking shoes.  I’m still unsure about how serious the shoes should be.  All leather, waterproof, like combat boots, or light hiking?  Julien Smith wore five fingers all the way for 35 days.  If Julien was able to finish the whole way in five fingers, I sure can wear Five-Stars for 3 weeks.  But people are all different in so many ways; I’d be better off to put myself on the safe side.  I’ll wear my already broken in Vasque.

I’ll pack as little as possible and I’m not going to worry about the rest.  As long as I don’t lose my wallet I won’t get stranded.

Any suggestions?


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