Exercise 9 continues…

April 1, 2016 Comments Off on Exercise 9 continues…

3.31.2016, 11:20pm Florida, in a hotel

I’m lying in bed. feeling tired, worked hard today, nose itching, legs sore from the workout the day before, AC noise, the fan of the AC always makes me feel uncomfortable, avoid it like hell, people walking upstairs, swallowed, deep breath, cars running fast on the highway, yuhongde left China to fly to LAX, I’m slightly excited to meet him in LA Saturday, bitting my dry lower lip, nose itching,  scratched, itched again, Xiaolianfeing is a sensitive person, a good person I think, not so sure about Yuhongde, he can be shady if you give him a chance, eyes watering, only right eye actually, leg itching, gave it a good scratch. took a deep breath again, missing home, chewie is still not well with his skin, i like mooji, he touches a lot, but it seems out of sincerity get up early tomorrow, be home early afternoon, needs to go to bed early tomorrow night to have a good night sleep, so I can get up early and drive to LA.  feeling unpleasantness from wangyang, I don’t like that feeling.  I sense negative energy from her, about how to get cheaper ticket , will ask yuhongde.  I’ll wear my fuchsia sweater for taking pictures with yuhongde.  expecting a few more people showing up at the meeting to take pictures.  he will have a live report back to the classmates, as he promised them. don’t know if baby wants to go. other than food, there shouldn’t be much fun for her.  squeezed my eye balls, need to soak my feet when get home. another deep breath. it’s late. don’t sleep well in hotel.  it’s a hard week. Didn’t do anything other than work. nose running. Jericho’s babies are growing so fast. they are 14 lbs already and they were born 4 lbs! scratched my face. so much white noise. didn’t really eat today but not hungry. swallowed. driving back from work was intense. raining? a boy. I lost for a moment. dozed off or hallucinated? I believe.

NOTE: This is one of the exercises in Laura Day’s book: Practical Intuition: how to harness the power of your instinct and make it work for you.  To develop my intuition, I made a decision to do every exercise in this book, and to document them in this blog.



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