Exercise 18

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Respond to each of the corners of the square and then turn to page 128 to find out which question I’m answering to.

Corner 1:

rice field. A lot of water.  I think that’s my personal rice field.  it seems a lot of work. hard work. a couple of people there in the field. Quiet. not hot. a lot of land. I got a lot of land.

Corner 2:

flower field.  a lot of different rich colors: purple, red, yellow. endless flower field. dirt road in between patches.  I’m wearing my purple overall.  my daughter is amazed by the colors of the flowers.

Corner 3:

Adam Levin’s concert.  Millions of people.  mostly girls yelling and screaming.  Adam plays guitar and sings “Purple Rain.” Both Josh and my daughter are there with me.

Corner 4:

Sitting together with Josh on the stairs in front of an art museum.  We were traveling in another city.  We were together and in peace.  just resting and eating snacks.

NOTE: This is one of the exercises in Laura Day’s book: Practical Intuition: how to harness the power of your instinct and make it work for you.  To develop my intuition, I made a decision to do every exercise in this book, and to document them in this blog.

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