Exercise 19

April 24, 2016 Comments Off on Exercise 19

Establish Personal Time Cues

My question 3: should I make my daughter go to work to support herself?

Present: a man in a small boat is rowing toward the early morning sun.  The water is flat as a mirror.  it looks like a lake.  I can only see the man’s back. because it’s early dawn, I can’t clearly see the color of the clothing he is wearing.  He has a crew cut short hair.  He is very focused.  He is a man on a mission.

Past: a weathered bench.  a strong black boy sitting on it. he is wearing a backpack. he is not relaxed.  there is a need to leave.

Future: a large healthy angel’s trumpet plant loaded with yellow flowers.  opulent. productive.

Advice: Everything is going to be fine.  Relax and let it happen.

NOTE: This is one of the exercises in Laura Day’s book: Practical Intuition: how to harness the power of your instinct and make it work for you.  To develop my intuition, I made a decision to do every exercise in this book, and to document them in this blog.

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