Exercise 21

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Establishing My Polarities

Focus.  Get a sense of each of the following polarities. Record my intuitive impressions of each.

  • Hot/Cold
    • Hot: sleepy, restless, stickiness, irritable
    • Cold: dying, helpless, rigidness, icy, slippery, clumsy
  • Day/Night
    • Day: happy, safe, active, excited, productive, seeing people, shopping, working
    • Night: coziness, fire-pit, moon, stars, hot soup, staying in, reading, eating, movies; scary, unsafe
  • High/Low
    • High: happiness, bliss, excitement; coldness, scare, loneliness
    • Low: depression, dry, danger, lack, lonely, need, down
  • Heavy/Light
    • Heavy: big, clumsy, fat, metal, cold, solidness
    • Light: feather, happiness, fast, pleasantness, comfortableness, relaxation, laughter, lounging around
  • Good/Evil
    • Good: god, mother, angel, cleanness, smiling, white, light
    • Evil: dark, cold, dirty
  • Helpful/Harmful
    • Helpful: angel, mother, sunshine, happy face, warmth
    • Harmful: monster, cold, dark, hurt, pain
  • Nourishing/Depleting
    • Nourishing: mother, water, watermelon, air, grass
    • Depleting: dry, dying, death, corpse, desert, vacuum
  • Growing/Shrinking
    • Growing: trees, kids, thriving, flowing, fluid, happiness
    • Shrinking: old, diseased, stopped, controlled, dying
  • Smooth/Rough
    • Smooth: skin, metal, hard, soft, waterproof, baby, young, female, romance
    • Rough: violence, soil, beard, raw wood, ruggedness, farm, poor, honesty, direct
  • Clear/Entangled
    • Clear: water, ocean, white, baby’s eyes, cleanness, transparency, honesty, unterminated
    • Entangled: mess, danger, annoying, impatience, trouble, unstable
  • Developing/Eroding
    • Developing: happening, evolving, positive, good, complex, motion
    • Eroding: rot, corrupted, old, damaged, seasoned, metal, rusty
  • Rising/Falling
    • Rising: sun, better, moon, star, ocean, good, hopeful, positive
    • Falling: scared, uncertainty, down, dangerous, negative, worse
  • Birthing/Dying
    • Birthing: hope, life, new, beginning, growth, bright, positive, happy
    • Dying: disappearing, depressing, dark, smelly, dirty
  • Forward/Backward
    • Forward: progressing, hope, uncertainty, trying, pushing, efforting, goal
    • Backward: parents, regressing, reflecting, reminiscence, bad, old, dying, hopeless
  • Beginning/Ending
    • Beginning: new, hopeful, babies, puppies, exciting, forward, perspective, positive, fresh
    • Ending: death, old, bad, negative; fruitful, achievement, celebration, new year, reflective, preparation, new beginning, new cycle


NOTE: This is one of the exercises in Laura Day’s book: Practical Intuition: how to harness the power of your instinct and make it work for you.  To develop my intuition, I made a decision to do every exercise in this book, and to document them in this blog.

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