Exercise #23

May 9, 2016 Comments Off on Exercise #23

Getting a sense of my intuitive style

  • What symbols or images do I receive in a reading that always mean the same thing?
    • bright colors
    • black & white
    • smiling face
    • nice smell
  • What is my preferred sense?
    • visual
    • olfactory
  • What is my most frequent “interference style?”
    • doubt (overthinking)
  • How Do I remedy my interference?
    • start all over: cancel, cancel, scratch, scratch.
  • What sense do I trust the least?
    • audio
  • Does my preferred style change when the time changes: past, present, or future?
    • I still don’t have apparent style when time changes.


NOTE: This is one of the exercises in Laura Day’s book: Practical Intuition: how to harness the power of your instinct and make it work for you.  To develop my intuition, I made a decision to do every exercise in this book, and to document them in this blog.

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