Hi there! I’m Fei and Standing Ajar is a personal blog about travel, fitness, diet, books, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and everything that involves life experience as an adventure.  I view life as an adventure, and therefore every life experience is an exciting, precious event.  We should splash every color we own to make every moment of our lives count.  I’m hopeful that my life as an experience is a tasteful, artistic platform and the final product of my life as an adventure will be a brilliant, classic art.

I travel often, because I want to see the world – to have a better understanding of nature and people, with the purpose of expanding my horizon in order to understand myself in relationship to others and the world as a whole.

I workout frequently and eat well, because I try to be as disease free as possible, so I can savor every moment of my life with excitement.  I do CrossFit but I’m not a typical hardcore, because I can enjoy it more if I don’t give it all out during each session. It’s more sustainable that way.  I eat more Primal than Paleo.  I recognize individuality first when it comes to fitness and diet.  Whatever works for you.  In order to have a quality life, fitness and diet is everyone’s #1 priority, with no exception.  You must figure out what works for you before you embark on anything else in life.

I try to read as much as my time allows.  I like books of all genre, but with an inclination toward more contemporary non-fiction and classical fiction.

I’m an entrepreneur, because I’m a starter.  I enjoy to put ideas into action and to observe how it turns out.  I enjoy to know how everything works, including how life works as a business.  It’s such an enjoyable excitement to see how other people react to your business ideas. I like to be the catalyst – to be the cause of something.

In summary, I like new ideas, new things, and new experiences.  Things and events that fresh my mind and body, cause improvement and change.

My other blogs:

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